Checking in on the paleo/cross-fit solution

Since a little over a month has passed since I last updated this site, and since I’ve had a dozen or so people recently ask me how things are going, I thought I’d make a quick post with the latest stats:
Weight: 158 (down from 191 in December, and 172 in June, and 163 in October)
Waist Size: 32″ (down from 41″ in December, and 36″ in June, and 34″ in October)
Body fat: 13% (down from 26% in December and 17% in June, and 15% in October)
Pull-ups: 8 (up from 0 in December and 2-3 in June, and 6 in October)
Blood Pressure: 117/71 (down from 130/85 in December, and 122/74 in June, 115/70 in October)

I also just ran 5K without stopping for the first time that I can remember. My previous milestone was running a mile without stopping in September.

So, in summary…I’m not totally where I want to be yet (10% body fat), but I’m nearing the end of the journey I started almost a year ago.  I plan to continue the paleo/cross-fit approach indefinitely, and am confident it will take me the rest of the way to my goal and beyond.  Feel free to contact me if you ever have questions about how things are going, as I’ll probably start posting less about fitness and diet at this point, and get back to technology posts, since we have a lot of exciting tech stuff on the horizon!