Death by Jump Rope

First, a confession: ever since my first try in elementary school, I was never able to jump rope. I remember getting a “U” on my report card for “Unsatisfactory” in the P.E. skills sections where it documented my inability to perform this simple feat of coordination. Fast forward 30 years.

I joined Hoosier CrossFit in late September, and have loved being presented new challenges every week since I joined. When I find myself thoroughly embarrassed on a new workout, I resolve to “work it to death” until I have it right. One such challenge for me is jumping rope.

Last week, one of our workouts included “Death by Pull-ups”, where you perform one pull-up during the first minute (and then let the clock run out for the minute), then two pull-ups during the second minute, three in the third minute, et cetera, and repeat until you can’t make it through the minute with the required number of reps. On that workout, I made it to round 9, for a total of 8 rounds + 4 reps, or 40 total pull-ups.

Today, I decided to try to apply this workout to my nemesis, the jump rope, partly just to work on my form and partly to get my heart really pumping today. The first twenty minutes or so were pretty uneventful, but a great warm-up for the second half. The result: 46 rounds + 46 reps, for a total of 1127 jumps! My heart rate sat between 180 and 190 for the last 10 minutes or so. It definitely made me feel like I’d been through a workout by the end. And best of all, I no longer have to dread jump rope days. Now to get to work on double unders!

Health/Fitness update: I’m weighing in at 152 now, down 41 pounds from a bit over a year ago when I started. I ordered new blood work to check cholesterol, CRP, triglycerides, et cetera, but it seems to be slow going due to the holidays. I’ll post an update with the full year before/after report once that info arrives.

If you resolved to start a new eating or fitness program in the new year (my I suggest Paleo/Crossfit?), here’s hoping you make great progress!

Happy New Year!

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