Sometimes, life happens.

Some of you out there that checked in on this site regularly or had an RSS feed may have wondered what happened three years ago, and why I never posted again.

Though I can’t say it was 100% of the reason, most of it had to do with the arrival of our second child, who’s now a very lively three year old. It’s different with everyone, I know, but this time around, a much more concerted effort was needed for a couple of years to get through the wild times of the baby and toddler stages.

I think I can safely say that the clouds have begun to clear, and I’ll be starting to post again pretty regularly about many the things I used to post about, such as virtualization, PowerShell, fitness, technology, gadgets, and such. In the meantime, I’m migrating the site from Squarespace to a self-hosted WordPress site.

I’ve gone back and cleaned up the worst of the migration mess (orphan HTML randomly spewed upon pages, missing images, et cetera), but I’m sure I’ll have missed a lot. Most of the info is dated enough that I doubt it’ll matter much other than for posterity, but I did find a few items during the import that I’d like to go back and revisit soon.

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